Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohio's Issue 2 Passes

Measure's Passage Clears Way For Farm Board
Panel Would Oversee Ohio Livestock Care
POSTED: 10:44 pm EST November 3, 2009
UPDATED: 12:31 am EST November 4, 2009

CINCINNATI -- Ohio voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday that would create a board to oversee livestock care.

Supporters said Issue 2 would give rural farmers a blueprint for battling animal welfare groups intent on outlawing cramped cages for chickens and hogs.

Agriculture industry leaders pushed the issue onto the state ballot, hoping to thwart an attempt by animal rights activists who were threatening to force farmers to change how they house livestock.

"Ohioans have spoken and clearly understand that a board of experts is the appropriate entity to make decisions on behalf of animal agriculture and food production in our state," said The Ohioans for Livestock Care Political Action Committee in a statement issued late Tuesday.

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This was a great victory for agriculture in Ohio and across the country. It showed that HSUS can’t come in and bully every state around with their agenda. It appears that it will pass with a slightly larger margin than Prop 2 had in California even. So while Wayne Pacelle licks his wounds this morning, Ohio livestock owners will continue producing a safe, affordable food supply for their neighbors. Congratulations to all of those that spent so much time and effort to ensure that this passed.

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